New Lock ‘n Load Publishing websites

New Lock ‘n Load Publishing websites

Today has been a busy day for Lock ‘n Load Publishing. Not only do we have announced a Spring Sale and started our new crowdfunding initiative for Heroes of the Bitter Harvest but we are also announcing three new websites – a News website, an online iteration of the Line of Fire magazine as well as a new portal website where you can find links to all of the new Lock ‘n Load Publishing sites and resources.

Line of Fire Online

The Line of Fire Online website will take up the mantel of our print magazine and host content for the full range of our print and digital products.

Line of Fire Online will be focused on delivering material to readers immediately using RSS, email and social media posts. Being a web-based magazine also means that it is easier for readers to find content specific to a game and also lets us publish content as soon as it is ready. Our aim is to publish new content frequently and to make that content available to you on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

We are also always on the lookout for great ideas and great writers so if you have an idea for an article or want to contribute yourself then please contact us.

Lock ‘n Load News

Lock 'n Load News

Social media is great for many things but what it is astoundingly bad at is letting you see a news item or preview that you glanced at briefly a few months ago. Facebook and Twitter are many things but they are not good search engines. Thankfully Lock ‘n Load Publishing now has a central location for all the news and information the company releases. And it is fully searchable.

So now when you need to find out the latest and greatest information about your favourite LnLP title you know where to go. All of the news posts are tagged with the game, series and expansion that they are discussing so you can quickly and easily find all the news about any game that LnLP publishes. Want to see all of the news posts about Lock ‘n Load Tactical? Easily done!

Lock ‘n Load Publishing portal

And to tie these, and any new sites, together is the new Lock ‘n Load Publishing portal site. Currently the site has links to, and descriptions of, ten different websites and resources that LnLP have launched. As we offer more, and we most assuredly plan on doing so, we will add links to those new sites as well.

Plans for the future include a dedicated library where you can access all of our free PDFs as well as a community gaming site where you can discuss your favourite titles, organize games, participate in online tournaments and even post your own scenarios and content.

Getting around

Each site has a navigation menu that has a link to the home page, a link to the LnLP portal (with a sneaky Empire icon from a certain ‘Star Wars’ series) and a site menu that has links to other important Lock ‘n Load sites.

The Line of Fire website has a few more options including an articles menu and a user menu. If you want you can register for an account and post comments about the articles. That account will also let you access any future websites that we create in the future. We are also working on adding social media login features to the sites as well so you may be able to use your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts to log into the site.

And we have also put a lot of work into the new footers for all of our websites. They include many links to various resources and also to all of the social media platforms that we frequent.

Let us know what you think

The purpose of these sites is to help us communicate with you better so let us know what you think about them and tell us what you’d like to see in the future.