Player’s Aid interview Terry Doherty

Player’s Aid interview Terry Doherty

The Player’s Aid website has posted an interview with game developer Terry Doherty about the upcoming Glory and Empire: First Victories game.

Don’t forget that the Gamefound crowdfunding campaign for Glory and Empire: First Victories will be starting tomorrow at 1pm MST.

The game is 125m per hex. Units are battalions and companies for infantry, regiments, squadrons for cavalry, and companies for artillery. Each strength point is 100 men for infantry, 50 men and horses for cavalry or one section, or 2 guns for artillery. Counters are 5/8″.

The rules consist of a Soldier’s, Battalion, and Brigade rule set. Players can learn the basics with the Soldier’s rules, move to a full-fledged simulation with the Battalion Game and pick and choose rules from the Brigade Game to suit their tastes. Or players can jump right into the Brigade Game and understand how grand tactical maneuvering was practiced on the battlefield during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Soldier’s Game gives players new to the era an introduction to foundational concepts of tactics in the horse and musket era. In the Soldier’s and Battalion Games, there are the usual Line, Column, Square, and skirmishers. The Battalion game has two types of Skirmishers, introduces important concepts for maneuvering forces on the battlefield, and has more detailed close combat procedures. The Brigade Game adds close columns, attack columns, closed squares, and Austrian division masses. Artillery is simplified for the Soldier’s and Battalion Games, but the Battalion Game adds artillery ammunition. The Brigade Game adds bombardment zones, bounce-through, howitzer fire, and separate ammunition tracking for a round shot, shell, canister, and shrapnel. The Brigade Game also gives players more tools to react to enemy moves.