Player’s Aid post Point Blank play-through

Player’s Aid post Point Blank play-through

The Player’s Aid site has posted a video play-through of Point Blank: V is for Victory

The Player’s Aid broke out their prototype copy of Point Blank: V is for Victory and played their first battle. Remember this was their first game and some rule mistakes may have occurred. Also don’t forget that the Point Blank Core Rules can be found in our Online Library.

Here are some rule reminders:

Spotting – You normally should be able to spot with a one or a two. When you spot successfully the whole sector is spotted.

Fatigue – Vehicles do not receive fatigue when their move. Vehicles only receive fatigue when firing, assaulting, or entering melee.

Spotted Units – Any unit that moves within a sector reveals the whole sector. They would not receive a concealed bonus nor would any unit in the sector. The whole sector would be spotted.Vehicles can go into building terrain but only receive a +1 defense.

Barrage attacks on vehicles – Vehicles are attacked by barrages as a fire attack. Much like infantry. You resolve it as an infantry attack. The crew may be shaken but can be shaken twice.

Card Hand size – A Player is allowed to do a hand flush once per game turn.AFV Machine Guns. Each machine gun fires separately they are not added together.